Here you will find a non-exhaustive list of resources providing commentary on matters of privacy law, which are reproduced with thanks. Primary sources underpin all commentary we provide at TPP and can be found throughout our articles as appropriate.

If you would like your resource to be featured below please contact us.
Resource Description
5RB – publications


A specialist barristers chambers in media and information law. Publications focus on case law developments in UK law and analysing legal principles.
Bailii – The British and Irish Legal Information Institute An invaluable library which holds an archive of UK and EU case law. Updated regularly with recently adjudicated cases.
Brett Wilson’s Media Law Blog A solicitors firm which posts several times monthly on pertinent developments in media law.
Fieldfisher’s Privacy, Security and Information Law Blog A UK based firm of solicitors which provides international coverage of developments in privacy.
The Information Commissioner’s Office The UK data protection regulator. A primary resource for developments and sanctions under UK data protection laws.
International Association of Privacy Professionals Excellent international coverage and frequent topical posts.


The International Forum for Responsible Media. A collation of a wide-selection of international media law content that is highly authoritative.
Media Law Podcast A podcast which covers topical issues of media law.


A blog which conducts an in-depth analysis of specific data protection law issues, usually focusing on statute.
Panopticon Blog


An excellent blog run by barristers of specialist chambers 11KBW. Posts typically dissect recent developments in UK case law, providing insightful commentary.


An excellent resource for privacy law news from the US. Short, digestible posts updated daily.
Privacy International A charity which seeks to tackle the matter of international privacy. Has an excellent range and depth of coverage and is updated regularly.
Privacy Law Barrister


Run by established barrister Melissa Stock. Posts are thorough and novel typically covering developments in UK case law.
RPC – data and privacy


A leading solicitors firm which posts on areas related to data protection and privacy law.

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