About TPP

Welcome to The Privacy Perspective Blog.

Via monthly blog posts, we provide insight, analysis and comment on developments in privacy law internationally, focusing mainly on the UK and the EU. In doing so we seek to promote the accessibility of privacy-oriented commentary to legal professionals, citizens and interested parties. Please note, we do not provide legal advice. 

Welcome to TPP

We have a particular interest in instances where the right to privacy must be balanced against other fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression. Our remit also extends to issues of defamation, net neutrality, data profiling, surveillance, and cybersecurity.

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We take a broad definition of privacy as a value to ensure a holistic approach in our coverage:

“the right to privacy is in a general sense one of the values, and sometimes the most important value, which underlies a number of more specific causes of action, both at common law and under various statutes…” – Lord Hoffman in Campbell v MGN [2004] UKHL 22 at p.43

About the Editor

The Editor, Suneet Sharma (LLB, LLM), is a non-qualified legal professional with experience in media law from the BBC, Associated Press and SEGA Europe. Suneet composed weekly and international monthly round ups on media law matters for the International Forum for Responsible Media Blog for four years. Suneet has also written articles for:

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Legal Disclaimer

All views and opinions expressed are my own, are for the purpose of critique and debate and are not intended to, nor constitute, legal advice. All copyright ownership is retained by Suneet Sharma or the respective author.