10 of the most significant English law privacy cases

Below we present a shortlist of some of the most important common law judgments under English law relating to privacy.  These cases underpin the development of privacy rights under English law. 

  1. Coco v A.N. Clark (Engineers) Ltd [1968] FSR 415

This case involved one of the most significant actions for breach of confidence of its time. This case set out the three elements of the breach of confidence action- the confidential information, told in a confidential setting which was used in an unauthorized manner.

This case was significant was the case underpinned early cases where privacy was the fundamental right at issue.

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Citation: INFORRM, Top 10 Defamation Cases of 2018: a selection – Suneet Sharma

A recent piece considering the most significant defamation cases over the previous year. Thanks goes to the INFORRM blog for their assistance.

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Inforrm reported on a large number of defamation cases from around the world in 2018.  Following the widely read post on 2017 cases, this is my selection of the most legally and factually interesting cases from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and England from the past year. 

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