Citation: INFORRM: Meghan Markle, Ben Stokes, Gareth Thomas: three reasons why UK press needs help to understand ‘public interest’ – Alexandros Antoniou

INFORRM has an excellent piece considering current affairs in the privacy law space.

Readers will be aware of the recent developments in relation to the press intruding upon the private lives of Ben Stokes, Gareth Thomas and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. All raise concerns around press conduct and the respect for individuals privacy.

Indeed, the information underpinning such stories is typically in and of itself information that can be characterised as private. Sensitive matters such as health information or family affairs.

That such matters be treated with the requisite respect underpins privacy oriented rights in the UK. This should be reflected in responsible, considered journalism grounded in advancing the public interest. All these instances however, are demonstrable of how the press is currently falling woefully short.

TPP will be following the resolution of these matters closely.

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